Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Simple Reminder, A Simple Prayer....

So my friend Samuel Lopez, 
he lives in Australia for the time being.
He goes to this college called Hillsong United (I believe)
It's a Christian college & I'm totally jealous he is there.
He sent me this link to a video of his friend
Josh Lehman.
Home boy is super talented! 
I dig his style, a lot.
He did a cover of a worship song that I love 
"All Who Are Thirsty"
I love this song so much because gives me a simple reminder:
"all who are thirsty, all who are weak, come to fountain
dip your heart in the stream of life."
When I am weak, when I am weary
Jesus is my strength, He is the only one who can restore us.
And I love the powerful but simple prayer in this song;
"Come Lord Jesus Come."
When we sincerely invite Jesus in, He'll come,
He'll never walk away from  us. 
So go ahead, when you become weak, when you grow weary
invite Jesus in, let Him come & restore you.

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