Thursday, November 25, 2010

what are YOU thankful for?

I am thankful for:

Jesus Christ

my family

best friends


my job

hot chocolate

my friends serving missions

my car

what are YOU thankful for? 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010


So this is Eric, one of my really close guy friends, and a year ago Eric left for his mission to serve the people of the Dominican Republic! I cannot believe it has already been one full year since this kid left! Time has just flown by since he left, and I do admit there are times when the gang wishes he was back but I know what he is doing is far more greater than anything here in good ol' Tempe, Arizona. When Eric first left, I knew little about why he was leaving for two years, why he would put his life on pause, leave everything he loved, and go to completely different country. At the time all I knew was he was doing it for his church & that all the guys who turn 19 go on a mission but I didn't really understand why he was serving a mission until recently. Eric's love for the Gospel and Jesus Christ are just so apparent whenever I read his letters he sends home. When I read about all his stories and the people of the Dominican he is serving you can just feel about sincere he is. He loves those people with all his heart. Eric has been such a great example to me, and has helped me overcome a lot of trials, even though he is a couple thousand miles away. I know that what he is doing is pleasing to our Heavenly Father and I know this all part of the Lords plan for him. He is being a light to those people in the Dominican and blessing their lives more than he knows. I'm so excited for Eric to come home & have the old gang back together again!

Eric on his mission that Moana, his mom
sent to all of us :) 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So I am so ashamed that I didn't write about my trip to good ol' Utah! It was so amazing! I arrived Thursday night in Salt Lake City, where my best Erica picked me up from the airport, I saw her with this big grin on her face which caused me to grin the biggest grin! I hate not having her go to school in Arizona, but I know she loves USU & its good for her :) Anyway, so that night we just hung out in the apartment & I met all her roommates, they were so nice to me & I liked them all a lot! Also that night we had a surprise visitor, but we never got his name hahahahaha. Friday Erica drove me around Logan and just showed me the town, and all I can say is it is BEAUTIFUL, not even kidding, it was gorgeous! She took me to the campus where I walked around for about 45 minutes by myself, thanks a lot Erica! After that we went to this pizza place and grabbed lunch, it was yummy! We went to the house they just bought out there too & its such a cute little house! It has a porch, a freaking porch! Im jealous. Then we drove to the Logan Temple, and I absolutely love love love the structure of it! Its so old fashioned and just gorgeous! Then we drove through Logan some more and went into some cute little shops. Later that night we went to the USU vs. BYU game, USU totally kicked BYU's butt! First time in 13 years, it was so much! Then after we grabbed some food at this little Chinese place...."Allison, he is speaking Spanish.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" & I got to meet some of Erica's other friends when we went to this dance party thing, we got crazy ;) Saturday morning rolled around & we left Logan about 7.30am to get back to Salt Lake for general conference, which was really fun! We walked around Temple square for most of the day & ran meet up with some people from our ward & grabbed lunch with them, soooo much fun! Saturday night I stayed in Lehi with Paige & her sisters family, they are so nice! Seriously Logan and Lehi are so gorgeous, I want to move there! Overall, I loved this trip, it was one of my favorites & I hope to go back soon. Maybe next fall I'll be a true Aggie :)

When Erica First Picked Me Up! :)

When USU beat BYU, we rushed the field! 
Erica & I on the field after the game.
Erica & I in the conference center
I didn't take this but yes, this is Logan Temple &
yes it really is this gorgeous in person, I promise! 

All the girls! 
The Best Friend & I :) Yayay!