Monday, November 8, 2010


So this is Eric, one of my really close guy friends, and a year ago Eric left for his mission to serve the people of the Dominican Republic! I cannot believe it has already been one full year since this kid left! Time has just flown by since he left, and I do admit there are times when the gang wishes he was back but I know what he is doing is far more greater than anything here in good ol' Tempe, Arizona. When Eric first left, I knew little about why he was leaving for two years, why he would put his life on pause, leave everything he loved, and go to completely different country. At the time all I knew was he was doing it for his church & that all the guys who turn 19 go on a mission but I didn't really understand why he was serving a mission until recently. Eric's love for the Gospel and Jesus Christ are just so apparent whenever I read his letters he sends home. When I read about all his stories and the people of the Dominican he is serving you can just feel about sincere he is. He loves those people with all his heart. Eric has been such a great example to me, and has helped me overcome a lot of trials, even though he is a couple thousand miles away. I know that what he is doing is pleasing to our Heavenly Father and I know this all part of the Lords plan for him. He is being a light to those people in the Dominican and blessing their lives more than he knows. I'm so excited for Eric to come home & have the old gang back together again!

Eric on his mission that Moana, his mom
sent to all of us :) 

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