Thursday, April 7, 2011

Project Pearls..

So, at the beginning of this semester I thought it would
be a good idea to take an art class.
I mean, I've always been jealous of my super
artsy friends and I just wanted to learn their tricks.
And deep down I thought it would be an easy class.
I have come to accept that I am artistically challenged.
It's a fact. 
It's who I am, or should I say not.
So I called my close friend for help, major help.
She is basically the bestest ever. 
I know for fact that if she hadn't had helped me 
this would have been horrible, again. (this was my second attempt)

Make a shadow box.
Have some type of jewelry the focus.
Make it super artsy and cool.

Finished Project
(None of this made possible without Jenny!)

I love vintage
I love weddings
I love pearls.
I love outdoorness.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE YOU!!!
    and this was all you! Your brilliant idea, I just helped with the execution.