Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Did It, I Actually Did It....

I always talk about leaving Arizona
or going to an out of state school but honestly,
I've NEVER had the balls to do anything about it...
Until recently I grew a pair & I actually did it,
I applied to BYU-Idaho.
You're probably thinking
Well, Im not sure actually, I guess I'll have to tell you when I go there
IF I go there....My high school didn't find it a priority
to send my transcript after I went in & asked them to.
Hey, that's good ol' Marcos de Niza for ya.....
However I am scared to get a rejection letter,
I missed the deadline but I called & asked if the should even apply
they said " missed the deadline, like really missed it (hm is that so?) but I would say
still apply, definitely. Everyone has a different situation." 
I don't know how appealing -16 degree weather sounds,
but it sounds better than 115 degrees.

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