Thursday, March 24, 2011

Families ARE Forever....

One of my favorite, FAVORITE
things to do, is go to the temple.
I just absolutely love it.
I go there when I need to leave the world,
leave all the chaos, all the negativity,
and just be at peace. 
When you go in everyone is the same,
we are all children of God,
there is no difference between anyone.
There is honestly no other place like it.
Well, last week, when leaving the temple, I usually park in front of the temple
so I can walk and reflect back on my experience
when I'm heading to my car. 
Anyway, I walked out my usual route and I saw a family
taking pictures in front of the temple.
I thought to myself, i'll offer to take a picture for them.
As I approached, I noticed the father and daughter kind of doing the whole
"No, you ask her, I'm not asking her, just ask her" thing.
I just giggled to myself because I've done that plenty of times.
With no fear, the mom asked if I could take a picture of the whole family,
I said of course.
I squatted down as far as I could,
I wanted to make sure the whole temple was in the background.
At that very moment, seeing that family in front of the temple, it hit me, 
families truly are forever. 

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