Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Heart is Heavy....

My heart is heavy tonight. A dear & good friend of mine, Troy Gray, lost his battle to cancer last night, and went home to be with Jesus. Even through all the pain and heart ache I am feeling right now, and even through my shaken fists and angry words, I KNOW God is still good, and He still loves me unconditionally but my heart is breaking. Transitioning from one high school to another is like a teenagers nightmare, I would know, that was me, my sophomore year but just when I lost hope and thought I'd be miserable for the next three years I was introduced to a youth group called Younglife. Here I experienced love I have never knew before, I felt joy that was indescribable, and a peace that I never knew existed. I came to know and accept my Savior, Jesus Christ. And all because of one man, with big ol' cheeks :), a heart yearning to share Jesus with high schoolers and to serve his Lord. Troy Gray was one amazing man of God. There was a glow about him, when you saw him, you would think to yourself, "Who is that man?!" & maybe because he was this giant man singing Nsync at the top of his lungs haha, but his love for Christ was always so apparent. He was strong and bold about sharing the Gospel. He was never scared to share that message of Jesus to people. He knew the freedom that came in knowing Jesus and he wanted the whole world to hear it! That is something I will never forget about him, he is truly an inspiration to people, all because he loved Jesus, with his whole heart. Troy believed in me, he stood up for me when I couldn't, and he always motivated me to get deeper in the scriptures and with people. Troy Gray changed lives by letting the Spirit move in him unceasingly. Like I said before, through all this, I still know and believe God is good, even if I don't understand why this is happening and I'm guessing I never will. One thing I hold onto is knowing that right now, heaven is having a party, the angels are singing, Jesus is smiling and God is saying "well done, good and faithful servant" while Troy sits with them, rejoicing that he is finally home, he is home. I just ask if you're the praying type you would pray for Troy's wife Kelly, their two small children, Garrison (5) & Aven (11months), Troy's family, and all those grieving the loss of a wonderful man and friend. 

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