Sunday, October 23, 2011

Utah Trip...

So the first week of October, I flew up to Utah to visit one of my best friends,
Erica Thornhill in Logan, UT.
That place is BEAUTIFUL, seriously.
I love it so much up there,
its about an hour & forty five minutes from Salt Lake.
It's a pretty small town, with not much to do
besides go to the college, Utah State University;
its a simple little town.
It was nice to get away for a couple days,
ease my mind from the world,
take time for myself,
and sleep in. (not like i dont do that anyway ha!)
I also go to hang out with my other good friend Kailin,
she is pretty much a baller with a lot swag.
I'm so proud of her for being up there,
she is doing big things on that USU campus :)
Oh & on Friday Erica & I drove up to SLC to visit my sister friend Katie Nelz & 
her hubby Bryson.
We ate at this AMAZING waffle place,
I want them now....
There are times I want to move to Logan and never come back
but for right now,
Tempe, AZ is the place for me.

Lindsay, Kailin, Me in front of Logan Temple

Erica's beautiful backyard!

Logan, Utah.


seriously, dream come true.

Logan Temple.

oh hey hot stuff!

gorgeous Logan Temple!

Sista Friend Katie Nelson

Miss her already!

love her a lot.

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