Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keep The Gray's in Your Prayers....

When I was in high school I had the most amazing oppurtunity
to be apart of a youth group called YoungLife.
It gives kids the chance to come to know their Savior, Jesus Christ.
It opened my eyes to see the love, sacrifice, and mercy of my Lord.
I honestly believe 100% I wouldn't have come to understand this love 
without help from my YoungLife leaders.
Troy Gray is true man with a huge heart for Jesus. 
His love for his YoungLife is so apparent and their is this light about him
when he is with those kids.
But his light shines brighter when he talks about his love for Jesus. 
He is truly a Man of God. 
He has blessed so many lives of those around him that I know
he will blessed in his time of trial. 
Troy has recently been diagnosed cancer. 
I ask that you take a minute or two out of your day and pray for his amazing man.
Pray for peace and comfort for Troy during times of chemo.
Pray for wisdom and strength for his wife, Kelly.
Pray the Lord will be with his two kids, Garrison & Aven, surrounding them with love. 
Pray that Jesus would be a healing hand.
Pray that through all this the Lord would be glorified.

LtoR: Garrison, Kelly, Troy

Troy & YoungLife leader Amy

That's Troy for ya :)

Garrison holding Aven.

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