Thursday, February 17, 2011


So I started my first semester of college this year in August and I've been wrestling with picking a major ever since. I've wanted to be a teacher, then a nurse, then a dental hygienist, then back to teaching, then acting, and then for some reason I picked fashion....don't ask why, I don't even know. Well anyway since I've been exploring this semester, I decided to take some classes that sounded fun, and were open because I registered late haha. I decided I wanted to take a journalism class, I mean, I like writing and this seemed fun, I had nothing to lose. I absolutely LOVE this class! It is so much fun and lets us explore our thoughts and idea's, and my professor is the best. He is this sarcastic old man, but he's just so cute! Well, about two or so weeks ago I interviewed a local artist Samson Szakacsy, check out his music on facebook he's SOOO good, and wrote an article on him. What I was unaware of is that not everyones article is guaranteed to make the paper. Which I would have liked to know before I told this kid he was going to be in the paper. So this last week I've been panicking, thinking, how mean would it be if I had to tell him the article on him didn't make it. I start off my day late to class, oh gosh, and I walk in and my professor said, "Allison, you're article didnt make it, not enough room, it happens, and well it just sucked." My jaw dropped and my heart stopped, first off, HOW RUDE and second how am I going to tell Samson my article didn't make....but then my professor, pulled out the article and said "it made it." I was so happy! Knowing that my article made it felt so good, I felt like I was on this high, no one could bring me down. I am so excited my article made it, so blessed. I think I might have just found my major :)

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