Friday, October 22, 2010


So Im going off track my little blog survey thingy because I just have to tell everyone about my birthday and how AMAZING it was! Seriously, I can honestly say this has been my favorite birthdays thus far! Two, absolutely amazing girls, Jenny Holmes & Sara Waddell, threw me a birthday party! This is the first time anyone has done something like this for me, so I just loved it so much! Like for reals I cant even tell you how much fun I had! They made me the best cupcake cake ever, it was a friggin' rainbow son! Mack Daddy & I got a little out of hand, and started showing off our dance moves, people were def getting jealous. Then Jenny and Sara stole the show with their amazing karaoke singing skills, the are so BA. But then Adam & Jordan threw us a curve ball & sang "Love Story" for all of us, something I wont forget it...seriously its like scarred in my head hahaha. Oh, one of my favorite presents was from thee sir Sean Keeney, he gave me a head scratch & if you know me, I LOVE LOVE LOVE head scratches! Then you had Jorin, cause trouble, who ate one of my cupcakes before I blew out my candles, freaking jerk ;) After everyone went home, at about 1.30am Jenny, Sara, Lori, Meggan & I headed over to Dennys for a little snack. All I can say is, Ill never look at dogs the same again & "Here are your season fries....." HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! So I can honestly say it was THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! I am seriously so blessed to have Jenny & Sara in my life, they are some of the funniest, sweetest, caring, most crazy girls I am honored to call my friends! I love them so much!!!!!!!

The Best Birthday Cupcake Cake EVER!!!

My Two Favorite Girls; Jenny & Sara!!!

Adam & Jordan Singing "Love Story" Haha
About To Blow Out The Candles!...Joe Is Excited For Me :) 

Mostly Everyone!!

The End!!!!! :D


  1. that cupcake cake is AMAZING! Happy birthday!! :)

  2. I wish I was in town for this spectacular event! I am so glad it was amazing! WE ALLISON ROSE PALMER :)